Submit An Idea

It is the policy of Visual Promotions to give thoughtful consideration to any new ideas, devices, or improvements submitted to it. However, because Visual Promotions is actively engaged in research, engineering, development, and marketing in a great many product lines, we cannot receive or consider an idea on the condition that is it disclosed in confidence or that it shall be kept secret, since the idea may have been previously known or made available to the company or the general public.

Visual Promotions will, therefore, receive and consider ideas submitted to it by persons who are not officers or employees of the company only upon the following conditions.

(a) That the submission implies no confidential or contractual relationship with Visual Promotions

(b) That Visual Promotions is not obligated by receipt of the submission

(c) That the submitter represents that they have the exclusive right to the idea and relies solely on such rights as they may have or acquire under the patent laws of the United State or other countries

(d) That the company shall be permitted to retail and make copies of any material submitted to it, except that Visual Promotions shall return models or operation devices to the submitter upon their request.

(e) If you believe your idea is patentable, see a patent lawyer before submitting your idea to any company.

(f) Prior to submitting any ideas, sketches or suggested improvements to any product, the submitter must complete the form below to setup a basic first discussion to determine out the best line of action in moving forward.